Anyone looking for a new, interesting and enjoyable sport should consider discovering pickleball. This activity is energetic and fun, and it is something people of any age can take part in playing. The gear required is minimal, and affordable. Pickleball is played on an indoor or outdoor court, with a similar set-up as badminton and tennis. Fitness centers, tennis clubs and many other activity centers are now including this game. Participants will only need to have a wiffle ball and a Pickleball paddle.

Choosing the paddle is the only extra item most people need. Most centers with courts will provide the balls for their players. Competitive players prefer to have their own paddle rather than use a borrowed or rented one. They range greatly in price, and beginners may want to start with wood paddles first if they are uncertain about whether or not they will want to continue the sport. These are the least expensive to purchase, but they can be heavy too, so they are not always the easiest to use. The most expensive are either graphite or composite, but inexpensive versions of these are often available as well.

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The grip size varies, so anyone new to the sport may want to be familiar with the equipment before ordering online. Handling a paddle first will make it easier for the user to determine what size grip works best for them. The smaller the grip, the more movement the wrist will have, but larger grips give the player more stability. Practicing with a smaller model first, and then moving on to a larger size may make it easier for the player to determine what they prefer. Finally, there is the issue of weight. This is what many players consider to be the most important factor. Heavier models make it easy to get more distance in each hit, but they may reduce the control the player is able to have.

Issues like past wrist injuries or arthritis can also affect what to choose. It can often take players several tries to get the material, size and weight that is the best for them. No matter how accomplished a player becomes, experimenting with a new paddle may help them to advance their abilities even further.

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